Ready to serve

With a capacity of 325 people, L'En-Tailleur offers you a traditional "sugaring-off" meal, which is served by a member of its courteous staff in the warmest of family environments. Whether you're planning a party, convention, or just a simple gathering of friends and family. L'En-Tailleur will set just the right festive tone. And, best of all, serious food-lovers can enjoy maple taffy on snow all year around!

For all occasions

A stopover at L'En-Tailleur is like travelling back in time. The whole surroundings proudly reflect tradition and deep-rooted heritage.

At the Tailleur family's you'll find the ideal location to unwind, enjoy a feast for the senses, and share in the «joie de vivre» of all who come here.

  • By reservation only
  • Liquor licence

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